My story

"Every piece is unique,every root is unrepeatable , every final result researched, every wood a memory."

Giovanni Angelozzi

It was in a heavenly place like the Maldives, which I came up with the idea of starting to work the woods that were on the beach after rough sea storms, in order to achieve unique designer items.

Diver for profession, always around the world and in contact with nature, here is where my new adventure of working the roots starts. Walking on the Maldivian beaches, it’s easy to spot roots and even whole trunks of trees from other islands nearby. So I begun to shape the wood of mangrove, hibiscus and of other species that are found only at those latitudes. Strong and articulate roots, but shaped with art and love to create works of designer items. I was then able over a period of time to bring all my works back to Italy one by one, directly from the Maldives. My works represent the evolution, the “movement”, the root that is transformed from a simple natural element, into a piece of furniture, only through the combination of wood glass and hard working.The tree from which each root comes from, gives the name to the line of works made with that particular type of wood.